Ahoy, You absolute Rogue Legends!

We are excited to tell you that this international community continues to grow. Mom says no but we do it anyway!

The Rogue Legends welcome everybody, no matter if they prefer a slow-paced game experience or focus on progression based playstyle with the will to learn from the best. We bring people from all across the world together and work hard to keep the love for Sea of Thieves alive by hosting and participating in community events that are played and watched with great success.

As you can imagine, these awesome events require equally awesome Rogue Legends to plan and execute them (OFF THE PLANK, I TELL YOU!)

We call them The Guard!

If YOU are interested in joining our ranks, to keep the burning flame for Sea of Thieves in our hearts alive, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our Contact Page

Have a wonderful week and stay safe out there!
or don't, I'm not your mom

- "Mil" Million Lights
Guard, Team Admin

P.S. To see a little of what we do, please visit the Rogue Legends YouTube: Guard Events & Guard Fun