Amidst a lack of competitive events and game modes early in Sea of Thieves' development, the community stepped up and created some for the game. Fleets such as the fabled Fortune Union began creating events such as Skullball by taking control of multiple ships on a server.

t is through these events that players began to see the best that competitive Sea of Thieves has to offer from communities and streamers.

This Page is a dedicated link to past and future events held by Rogue Legends, and those that have been granted permission to use by Fortune Union.

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Skullball,  invented by Fortune Union, is one of the community's best-known sports. The goal of the game is to take the Skull to the Opposing Team's Crow's Nest. Rogue Legends with permission of Fortune Union regularly hosts Skullball events.

En Garde


En Garde created by Rogue Legends is an elite 2v2 competition where the pirate's skills with a cutlass are put to the ultimate test.


A cunning sport for pirates, made by pirates!

Beacon Brawlers  


Beacon Brawlers! It says it in the name! Each crew will be assigned a flame colour and their goal is to light the Brazier and hold it until victory is achieved! Masterminded by Fortune Union.

Clash at the Keep

Clash at the Keep, created by Rogue Legends the community's newest event. Clash at the Keep is a 3v3v3 tug of war played at Molten Sands Fortress. Two teams are attacking while one team is defending a Chest of Rage.