En Garde created by Rogue Legends is an elite 2v2 competition where the pirates skills with a cutlass are put to the ultimate test.


A cunning sport for pirates, made by pirates!

Gameplay, Rules, & Penalty

Objective: The goal of the game is to be the last pirate(s) standing. Opponents will face off in a sword duel with each other inside Sailor’s Knot Stronghold (The Arena) while their respective teammates wait to be tagged in. The first team to win 2 rounds or with the most rounds won after 10 minutes will advance to the next stage. If there is a stalemate, a Sudden Death round will be played.


Teams: Each participating team will submit 1 team of 2 players, and (where possible) have 2 alternates as a backup in case a player is unable to participate. Teams must decide on a designated kit to wear before the event.

How to Play

Win Condition: First team to win 2 rounds (best of 3) or the most rounds won after 10 minutes is declared the winner. A stalemate after 10 minutes will result in a sudden death match.


Starting Positions: Both teams stand at the bottom of their designated ramp. Tags will run half-way up the ramp when the round starts and wait to be tagged in.


Match Start: The match is started using non-verbal commands within Sea of Thieves, as demonstrated below


1. Announcer: “Avast ye scurvy dog!”   – Players are to assume their starting positions.

2. Starting Players: “Cutlass Ready!” – Players are now ready to begin the match.

3. Announcer: “En Garde!” – The match has commenced.


Tag System: A player may tag in at any time if: A) Their partner dies or B) If their partner voluntarily runs up the ramp. A verbal “Tagging out” by the player is encouraged to assist referees and their partner.


Starting order: Players switch starting order with their team mate if commencing another round before resuming starting positions.


Match Finish: Once a team is eliminated, or the timer reaches 10 minutes, the round is finished.

Sudden Death: Sudden death is a 1v1 duel with no tag in. Teams have 1 minute to decide who will represent their team, the player left standing is declared the winner. Normal starting positions and match start conditions apply.

General Rules

Prohibited Items: No Guns, Buckets, or Food is allowed during the match.

Prohibited Distractions: No in game music or excessive in game chatter is allowed.

Match Standard: Matches are strictly 1v1, 2v1 or 2v2 is not allowed.

Player Health: Players must start the match at full health, alert a referee if you are not and you will be brought to full.

Sword Lunge: Each player can use 1 sword lunge attack, per player, per round.

Out of Bounds: Everything outside the bottom floor of “The Arena”.

Tagged Players: Do not attack members tagging in until their feet are off the ramp and their sword is out, facing their opponent. Fair play is expected when players tag in. A penalty will occur if this is ignored.

Spectators/Dead Players: Do not run into the Arena during a match.

Ramp Dangers: As there is a risk of taking unintentional damage while waiting on the ramp when the game is in play, we ask that players waiting to be tagged in move up the ramp to avoid being hit while gameplay happens near them.


Amendment: If a player experiences unusual graphic issues or severe lag, they and their teammate need to tell a referee and run up their ramp. Staff can then assess the best way to deal with the problems.


Penalties - (Gunshot, Additional Lunges, Attacking new Tag)

The offending player is removed from the round. The damaged player is given 2 bananas to restore their health. If the victim is killed by he act of gunshot / additional lunge / killed will tagging, the round point goes to the team that took damage, and a new round will begin.

 Note: Rules and penalties are subject to change prior to the event. All updates to rules will be provided to all players should a change occur.