Skullball 2022

Proudly Supporting The Parkinsons Foundation & Clash for a Cause



Rogue Legends proudly presents Skullball, supporting Clash for the Cause and the Parkinson's Foundation!
4 teams of 3 will be randomly selected to participate. 

Please fill out the required information to register your team and agree to the terms of the tournament including the expected sportsmanship. 

If you have any questions please contact Jenova#0001 on Discord or by using our Contact Us form

Skullball Registration

Acknowledgement: By checking this box, I promise that my crew and I have read and understand the rules and understand that this form does not guarantee a spot in the event. We promise to show good sportsmanship in victory or defeat. We also understand that all sexism, homophobia, threats, ableism, racism or any other ism will not be tolerated in this event. Any behavior violating this rule will result in an immediate lifetime ban from all RogueLegends/SoTC/TPC events. We also wish to express the necessity of fair play of sportsmanship. In no way will we accept the exploitation of loopholes and rules. We will also be intolerant of any abuse directed at participants and/or organizational staff. We expect everyone, staff included, to be respectful and professional. We also promise to follow the rules and understand that although this is a very competitive event, it isn't an excuse to be a jerk.

Please ensure all players are in the Rogue Legends Discord:

Thanks for registering for Skullball! We will be in touch soon!