Beacon Brawlers, Masterminded by Fortune Union is one of the community's newer events.

Beacon Brawlers! It says it in the name! 

Each crew will be assigned a flame color.Their goal is to light the Brazier at the top of the island and hold it lit with their team color for a total of 5 minutes! 

For this particular event, each crew will be bringing forward four Pirates to duke it out at Devils Ridge!

Teams will fire themselves from the ship's cannons to the island and battle it out to light the Brazier and claim victory!


  • Each crew will be assigned a colour for each round: Blue, Red, or Green. 

  • Each crew will be dressed in the same outfit matching the color of their team. Please be prepared with an outfit for each colour, as teams may need to change outfits depending on who proceeds to the finals. 

  • Each crew will be assigned an event staff member who will be responsible for loading the team captain in and out of ships. We will provide you the staff member gamer tag/IGN the day before the event so that Team Captain can add them to friends list ahead of time.

  • Galleons will be positioned and anchored in place and are not to be moved even if under attack from PVE. 

  • Merchant missions & tall tales will be active on all ships to minimize the difficulty and frequency of skeleton spawns - Players are not to cancel these missions please. 

  • A team timer will start/continue once the beacon is lit with their color flame and will stop when it is either extinguished, changed to another color, or gameplay is halted due to PVE. 

  • Boundaries will be set on the island using crates/chests/gems. Please keep event play within the boundaries.

  • Ships will be restocked with available fruit between rounds in a storage crate. The amount and type will be divided evenly between the ships, and will depend on what was gathered during setup. Any fruit remaining on a ship will not be removed by staff between rounds. 


  • No double gunning. 

  • Players are only allowed to refill ammo from their ship stock. All island ammo crates are out of bounds.  

  • All fruit and food are allowed. 

  • No pets are allowed to be out. 

  • Buckets of water are allowed. 

  • Fire & Blunderbombs are not provided, if found in barrels on the island, they are fair game. 

  • Resurrecting fallen teammates is allowed.  

  • There will be NO FIGHTING on or from the ships. 

  • Players must leave the ship by firing out of a cannon. 

  • Cannons can be adjusted. 

  • Players cannot return to their ship unless they die or are directed to return due to PVE. 

  • Once players leave the ship, combat is active.  

  • Players cannot shoot from, or be shot, in the air.  

  • Players are not allowed on any other ships except their own.  

  • Shooting anything out of the cannons, except you or your teammate, is FORBIDDEN (unless match is paused to engage PVE) 

  • If a skelly ship interferes with the event, the timer will be paused, all teams will return to their ships and the beacon will be reset. 

  • Referee/timekeeper/staff/camera people are not to be shot or engaged in combat. 

  • Ships are to remain anchored where they have been placed by setup staff.

  • Boundaries will be set on


  • Teams will face off 3v3v3.

  • Advancement to Round 2 and finals is based on time the team has the bracket lit in the round. 

  • First crew to accumulate 3 minutes, on their clock will win the round. 

  • The next crew with the highest time will also advance.  

  • Redemption round will be handled the same way – in the 1st heat all losers will be given a redemption against the other loosing teams.

  • In the event that there is a tie for time. The timer stops at 3 min. The team with 3 minutes automatically advances and the 3 teams will continue to fight with no time accumulating, the next team to light the beacon will secure the 2nd slot (excluding the team that automatically advances).


  • Should any of the rules be broken a referee will deduct a time penalty in seconds from the offending team.  



  • If a skeleton ship engages or Flameheart spawns at the island, the ref will stop the timer, reset the beacon, and all crews will return to their ships and engage the PvE without moving their ships. 

  • Once PvE is complete, the ref will make the call to resume play.